Coaching for Team Performance

Helping business teams lift performance to achieve results

No two teams are the same! Each has its own unique challenges, characteristics and dynamics. Our individually designed team coaching, team building and team events programs help you:

  • Clarify your team’s purpose
  • Tap into your team’s strengths and diversity
  • Eliminate silos, increase collaboration and create unity to achieve shared goals
  • Convert high potential into high performance

A team designed ‘standard of excellence’ creates a high performing team, recognised for getting the job done, achieving results and reaping the benefits.

A high performing team is unstoppable. Inspired by a shared vision and drawing on its collective strengths, an effective team works purposefully towards its goal. Picture the most successful sporting teams in history and you’ll know what’s possible with team performance coaching.

Applying many of the same principles and specific business coaching techniques, I help your team establish a ‘high performing’ team reputation – where they are known and respected for their ability to achieve your business goals.

Unfortunately many business teams are best described as ‘ineffective’, spending endless hours in meetings, talking lots yet achieving little. At worst they can be dysfunctional and destructive, sabotaging the very reason they were brought together.



Many team building events are expensive, one-off ‘junkets’ that don’t visibly improve or sustain team performance. Designed for executive teams, senior management teams, project teams and virtual business teams, Possibility to Reality Team Performance Coaching will give your team:

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  • Common purpose and clarity about what the team is to achieve
  • Focus to achieve the vision
  • Effective team leadership skills – manage the 5 stages of team development
  • Clear accountability – everyone understands who’s doing what
  • Increased collaboration – greater understanding of each others’ strengths
  • Creative problem solving, effective decision making and pro-active stakeholder engagement
  • Ability to sustain team performance over the life of the team

 Possibility to Reality Team Performance Coaching builds:

  • Strength and Unity – a dynamic, pro-active and cohesive team
  • Effectiveness – achieve goals on time, on budget with all risks and issues effectively managed
  • Capability and Capacity– ability to take on bigger goals and expanded scope
  • Resourcefulness– reduced silos, working effectively with other interdependent teams
  • Value – improved retention, better morale and increased achievement (attract and retain the best people)



Lifting your team’s performance starts with assessing your team’s function, goals and membership. Once we’re clear on why the team exists, together we:

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  • Take stock of where your team is currently
  • Identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Benchmark your team against the 16 Characteristics of a High Performing Team and understand what the results mean
  • Agree the priorities – identify specific actions to improve team performance
  • Develop a simple, outcome focused, action oriented strategy to deliver results and sustain high performance

As an experienced team performance coach, I’m a trusted sounding board to explore ideas, challenge thinking, resolve conflict, create unity and strengthen commitment to achieve your team’s desired outcome.

Taking your business team way beyond what they know and do, Team Performance Coaching is often the difference between failure to deliver and outstanding success.

Curious to know what Team Performance Coaching could make to your team?

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Expensive and time wasting tree hugging, trivial team bonding, fun for fun’s sake!

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Adults learn best whilst having fun but team performance coaching is so much more. Our team building programs and team events are carefully and deliberately designed to achieve your objectives.

While activities may include fun tasks, they all have a very clear objectives, based on adult learning principles. All P2R Team Performance Coaching Programs create tangible and sustainable benefits.

Let’s see how I can help you take your team to a whole new level of success!

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“Caroline initiated changes which made a true difference and took over a team very down on attitude and enthusiasm.  Through her coaching, leadership and direction the team was rebuilt into a successful, efficient working unit.  She is not afraid to share her point of view and challenge the status quo, whilst always getting the best out of people in a caring and compassionate way.”

Anne Smith, CEO, South Eastern Private Hospital