Creating Organisational Change

Successful Business Change Made Easy!

Statistics show that over 70% of organisational change initiatives fail, particularly when they involve IT system implementations, restructures, mergers, acquisitions, divestments or launching new services. No wonder news of change strikes fear into the hearts and minds of those who will be impacted!

Thankfully, creating successful organisational change doesn’t need to be hard and the secret lies in changing your organisation’s culture.

Culture = “the way we do things around here…”

An organisation’s culture is reflected in the knowledge, values, behaviours and actions of its people. Culture is the accumulation of how each individual, team, department and division thinks and goes about their work. Each has its own identity and micro cultures, directly impacting their ability to achieve results.

From change resistant to change savvy

The key to successful business change lies in changing your organisation’s culture. As an experienced organisational change management specialist, with over 25 years business change experience, I’ve helped more than 80 organisations across 22 different industries create change savvy cultures that achieve results. My unique approach goes to the heart of how change happens in your business, aligning values, beliefs, responsibilities, knowledge, skills and action.

With a proven record of organisational change management success, I quickly grasp the culture of your organisation and what you want to achieve. With lived experience, proven change management theory and behavioural coaching techniques, I build your internal change capability.

In fact, my job is to do myself out of a job and success means you have everything you need to manage change now and into the future and no longer need me!

Building a trusted partnership with your business leaders, I help you resolve long standing, entrenched cultural problems and create a strong, dynamic culture, better equipped to meet your business challenges.

Discover how I can help YOU change your organisation’s culture for the better.

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Creating organisational change successfully helps you:

  • Realise change benefits more quickly
  • Reduce reliance on expensive consultancies with complex methodologies
  • Build internal change leadership capability
  • Empower your people to effectively manage organisational change themselves
  • Overcome resistance to change – build change resilience


Build your internal change management capability and capacity

When organisations are faced with the challenge of implementing change for which they have neither the capacity or capability, typically they call in the consultants! While there are many excellent consultancies who will come in and do the change to you or for you, this approach is flawed.

By handing over responsibility to an external consultancy, you’re also abdicating responsibility.

When the change fails to be completed or realise its benefits, it’s all too easy to ‘blame the consultants’ and nobody wins.

I work alongside your business leaders, giving them skills to:

  • Clarify and assess the goals, desired outcomes, impacts, benefits and risks
  • Identify and engage key influencers to lead the change
  • Create vital buy-in through effective communication (no ‘talk fest’ workshops, tedious documents and copious emails!)
  • Implement change without derailing ‘business as usual’
  • Solve the inevitable challenges that arise along the way
  • Realise the organisational change benefits

The cost of change management failure is too great – I can help you avoid it!

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 Sherri Bruinhout“Melbourne City Mission has engaged Caroline’s services on a number of occasions over the past 12 years to assist us in the development and implementation of a number of strategic processes.

Caroline’s warm and relational style of engagement has been a great fit to our organisation, and her ability to assist us to take strategic concepts to completion has been an enormous benefit.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Melbourne City Mission has benefitted from Caroline’s expert ability to work with our strengths and potentials in order to create tangible and successful outcomes. She has consistently and generously gone ‘above and beyond’ the scope of the brief to support our work with disadvantaged communities.

Caroline draws upon a wide network of connections upon which to ‘connect the dots’ and has certainly brokered relationships and connections to assist me in the development of my services. She also draws upon a wealth of knowledge and insights to strengthen her approach to service. Whether it is facilitating a complex planning session, providing life coaching or writing detailed and comprehensive reports/submissions, Caroline’s work at Melbourne Citymission has constantly been of an exceptionally high standard.

I highly recommend Caroline to you, and would be happy to provide personal reference for her work. I can be contacted either via Linkedin, or through Melbourne City Mission.”

Sherri Bruinhout, Director at Melbourne Citymission



A unique and innovative approach to organisational change and development

Ever wondered what would be possible if you could work with three of the most experienced and awarded master coaches in Australia?

Well now you can.

CM3 is an exciting collaboration between Caroline Cameron, Noel Posus and Karina Butera who have joined forces to create innovative, high impact solutions that transform change failures into success stories.

Change doesn’t need to be hard

There’s a widely held belief that creating the organisational and cultural change required to achieve success is hard. There’s no shortage of data on the number of projects that fail to deliver. Expectations not met, stakeholders disenfranchised, budget and time frame blow-outs, fragmented teams, entrenched behaviours that just won’t shift and rising levels of conflict leave plenty of ‘dead bodies’ along the way.

Sound familiar?

Wherever we go, we hear things like, Change is tricky; We’re not good at change; It’s hard to measure and It takes years. CM3 believes this just isn’t true and we’re here to help you blow that myth right out of the water!


Curious to see how you to make your organisational change successful and easy?

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