Workshop Facilitation

Understand the problem, design the solution, plan the change, build the team, achieve results

Workshops and retreats can achieve all these objectives. Yet way too often they end up being low on value and high on endless discussions, boring power point presentations, awkward team building activities and reams of butchers paper that change… nothing!

Taking precious people and time out of the business is expensive and you want to be sure your workshop is time and money well spent.

With over 25 years workshop facilitation experience, I knows what works and what doesn’t. Running hundreds of workshops across many industries, I also know that life’s too short to be spent sitting in unproductive talk fests!

Drawing on a wide range of innovative facilitation techniques and activities, I design, prepare and facilitate your workshop based on your business objectives, the profiles and dynamic of your team and the desired experience.





If you need to bring a group together to achieve a specific objective (design a service, plan a major change or transformation or solve a problem), this option is for you. Specific Objective Workshops range from half day sessions, one, two or 5 day retreats.

They include:

Ideal for 5 to 30 attendees, these workshops can be held at a venue of your choice. However, I recommend taking your team offsite, to reduce distractions and help attendees to focus.

These innovative and effective workshops and retreats create positive and sustainable results. So, now I’m wondering, what can I create for you?

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Highly skilled at quickly grasping your event objectives, reading the room and engaging the audience, I’ll ensure your conference runs smoothly and on time. Welcoming attendees and guests, I build the right atmosphere to give your attendees the desired experience.

Expertly segueing from one session to the next, I connect each session to your conference theme, transitioning your event seamlessly through different speakers, panels and topics. When the unexpected happens (eg a guest speaker fails to show), your event will continue without missing a beat.

Creating the right balance of energy, entertainment and challenge, I’ll help your conference participants engage to gain even deeper insights.

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↑ staff satisfaction and retention, ↓ stress and absenteeism

If you are a Leader, HR or Learning and Development Manager responsible for tackling workplace stress and your team’s professional development, P2R Professional and Personal Development Workshops will create real and lasting positive results.

Through a unique blend of facilitation and training, I run internal, tailored Workshops providing powerful and easy to apply:

What skills do your people need right now?

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“Being an incredible consultant, Caroline can nail what’s needed in a second and plan an amazing intervention just as fast. She’s someone who just ‘gets’ people and organizations. She’s an inspiration!”

SB, Managing Director, Professional Services Company