Organisational Change with the Power of Three

Quicker, Easier, Successful Change

What would be possible if you could work with three of the most experienced and awarded master coaches in Australia?

Well now you can!

CM3 is an exciting collaboration between Caroline Cameron, Noel Posus and Karina Butera who have joined forces to create innovative, high impact change management solutions that transform change failures into success stories.


There’s a widely held belief that cultural change and change management is hard. There’s no shortage of data on the number of projects that fail to deliver. Expectations not met, stakeholders disengaged, budget and schedule blow-outs, fragmented teams, entrenched behaviours that just won’t shift and rising levels of conflict leave plenty of ‘dead bodies’ along the way. Sound familiar?

Wherever we go we hear things like:

  • Change is tricky
  • We’re not good at change
  • It’s hard to measure and
  • It takes years…

CM3 believes this just isn’t true and we’re here to help you blow that myth right out of the water!




Bullseye GreyWith over 60 years collective experience, CM3 combines the ‘best of the best’ in executive coaching, change management consulting, learning and development. Knowing all too well what doesn’t work, we have developed an exciting and effective new way to help you navigate the perils of change and successfully achieve your desired outcome in less time, with less angst.

Our high impact, outcome focused interventions are uniquely designed for your organisation. We take the time to truly understand what you want to achieve, what it will take and what it will result in for you and everyone who is impacted by the change.

Once we’re clear about your objectives and aware of what might get in the way, we work with you to create and deliver a program that takes the pain out of change and hits the mark.

Ready to swap organisational change pain to success?

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Conventional Change Management


Usually engages one change ‘expert’ or executive coach which is naturally limited to one set of skills and experience Harnesses the broad and deep experience of 3 of Australia’s leading master coaches, giving you full access to a wider range of options and a solution that works
Often overlooks the full impact of change and is one dimensional, driven by a single focus, lead by one area – eg

  • IT projects dictated by the technology rather than business need
  • Restructures focused only on structure and roles
  • Acquisitions, mergers and new service implementations focused only on delivery
Manages change holistically to align all parts of your organisation:

  • Customers or Clients
  • Products and/or Services
  • Market, Industry and Sector
  • Strategic Direction
  • Structure – teams, roles and responsibilities
  • Information, Systems and Processes
  • People – behaviours, cultural norms, strengths, values and skills
Employs the latest ‘shiny thing’ method or approach that may have a short term, limited impact. Reverse engineers the organisation to fit the formula resulting in:

  • Endless, talkfest workshops that go nowhere
  • Embarrassing role plays
  • CEO communications full of rhetoric and spin
Doesn’t follow a one-size-fits- all, cookie cutter approach.Custom designs an intervention that applies leading change practice to the unique characteristics of your organisation.Uses innovation to ensure your people have a positive change experience that delivers your desired outcomes
Relies on external specialist expertise – once they’re gone, the organisation falls back into the ‘old way’. Creates ongoing, repeatable value, long after you’ve finished working with us.Embeds sustainable change empowering your organisation with successful methods you can employ for future change.
Is usually ‘problem focused’ and deficit oriented – ie only considers what’s wrong with your organisation, what’s lacking and what needs fixing. Harnesses and builds the inherent strengths of your organisation to unlock potential. Converts problems into opportunities to discover what’s possible.
Cultural change is usually just seen as a soft and fluffy ‘people’ thing which is HR’s responsibility.   Cultural change programs are often ‘stand alone’ and not integrated with daily business or projects. Puts the responsibility where it should be – with the leaders across your organisation. We up and cross skill all your leaders and integrate positive cultural change into the DNA of your organisation.CM3 intentionally imbeds positive culture into your daily work, projects and activities and makes change ‘stick’.
Usually either ‘top down’ or ‘bottom up’. Believe it’s not an either/or. Rather, CM3 works with all levels of your organisation by aligning strategy, goals, roles, responsibilities, beliefs, behaviours and values.
Can be expensive and usually charged at a per hour rate with no clear way of measuring value or guarantee of an outcome. CM3 programs are designed and delivered based on what the change is worth to your organisation. By having ‘skin in the game’, our commitment to your success is guaranteed.


Combined-V4 (2)Caroline Cameron                   Noel Possus                   Karina Butera

CM3 taps into the collective wisdom of Caroline Cameron, Noel Posus and Karina Butera. Each of these award winning, master coaches run their own successful businesses and bring decades of experience delivering successful change management solutions across the corporate, government, private business and non-profit sectors. Between them, there’s not much they haven’t seen or experienced when it comes to change!

While each has their own specialty, it’s when they come together the magic happens! Dynamic, creative, pragmatic and curious, they are strongly values driven and completely committed to helping you achieve your goal. Working with the CM3 team will challenge, stretch and support you in exciting new ways to make change happen easily and successfully.



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  • Strategic Direction Setting and Planning – work out where you’re heading and how you’re going to get there with pragmatic solutions to complex challenges and innovative approaches to pursue hidden opportunities. Learn how to use advanced communication skills to create and articulate a compelling vision that your people ‘get’ and commit to.
  • Organisational Change Management – build significant and sustainable change capability within your organisation through increased resilience, flexibility and advanced change leadership. Learn how to accurately assess the impact of change on your organisation, understand relationship dynamics, harness diversity and tap into informal networks of key influencers to see rapid results.
  • Team Building – harnessing individual and collective strengths, strengthening team dynamics and creating team alignment to achieve the goal
  • Executive Coaching – develop the leadership strategies, skills and behaviours to increase performance and develop internal change management capability .

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  • Culture Change – working with Australian behavioural scientist Allan Parker, Noel has developed Selective Behaviour Modelling ™. This unique approach embeds desired behaviours reliably and predictably to support culture change, with empirical measurement in as little as 12 weeks.
  • Corporate Business and Life Skills Learning – applying best models in adult learning, including full integration of the 70:20:10 blended learning model. Many business professionals need to develop critical interpersonal and life skills to bean effective business person! This is why we take a holistic approach to developing the whole person.
  • Conflict Dynamics – every organisation experiences conflict but it doesn’t have to be destructive. Noel specialises in “Conflict Dynamics” (the “hot buttons” of conflict), helping you become a more “conflict competent leader”.

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  • Understanding People – a natural and gifted relationship builder, Karina helps your people gain a deeper practical understanding of personality, behaviours and motivations. Discover how to to read people, communicate effectively, appreciate difference and develop collaborative and harmonious working styles.
  • Empowering People – working with individuals and teams to build their confidence and trust in each other. Empower them to be more creative, more assertive and develop wnership and accountability for achieving organisational goals.
  • Igniting People – develops and facilitates unique corporate learning events that inspire curiosity by challenging your people to venture out of their comfort zones. Karina creates a highly interactive, very real and relevant experience where your people have fun, feel energised and are fully supported throughout the event.

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