Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common coaching questions people ask me.  If you have a question not answered below, please contact me today.

Q: Are you the ‘right’ coach for me?

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A: There are thousands of Executive Coaches, Career Coaches, Business Coaches and Facilitators available and we all have different areas of expertise. We also use highly varied approaches and styles.

Therefore, if you read the lists below and think we’ll gel, then we should talk.

We will work amazingly together and you’ll see results if…

  • You feel stuck, but know you have masses of untapped potential lying beneath the surface
  • You don’t necessarily know exactly what it is you want or maybe can’t quite articulate it yet, but you’re committed to making whatever it is happen
  • You want to move forward quickly and not spend 5 years pondering the meaning of life
  • You genuinely want to know what makes you tick and how to motivate yourself
  • You’re curious, open, keen to learn and eager to try new things out, even if it means stepping outside your comfort zone

On the other hand, we probably won’t be a great fit if…

  • You have serious commitment issues and are likely to cancel or reschedule your coaching sessions
  • You think life is unfair and you’ve been dealt a poor hand – in other words, you see yourself as a victim
  • You make excuses about why you couldn’t do what you set out to do
  • Your manager thought it would be good for you to get a coach but you’re not prepared to do any work
  • You have psychiatric or medical issues and would be better to see a clinician (psychologist, therapist or counselor)
  • The time’s not right – you’re too busy to put in the time or effort to achieve your goals

If you’re curious and want to find out for sure, let’s talk!

Q: What is Executive Coaching?

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A: Executive Coaching works with business leaders to develop strengths and address issues related to their performance, leadership and career. Yes, coaching can and will address many “whole life” related issues as it affects business performance, but the real focus is on values-based business success.

Put simply – Executive Coaching focuses on achieving results through people.

Q: How is Coaching Different from Consulting, Mentoring, Counselling and Training?

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A: Successful entrepreneurs, company executives, athletes, entertainers and focused individuals all use a Professional Coach to fast track their success.

While approaches to achieve success are often shared across helping professions, there are fundamental differences including:

  • Consulting – Experts design, prescribe and may implement the solution for you (eg a new IT system)
  • Counseling – Therapy focuses on understanding and solving clinically diagnosed psychological and psychiatric problems (eg depression)
  • Mentoring – Experienced mentors share perspectives and advice based on their own experience
  • Training – Trainers will teach you the theory and practice to gain knowledge and skill.
  • Professional Coaching – Is largely future focused and applies insightful questioning, effective challenge and wide-ranging methods to help you achieve your goals. Coaching can be highly beneficial in helping you develop, apply and sustain the mindset, behaviours and habits gained through other forms of support.

Q: What can I expect from P2R Coaching?

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A:  What you put into your coaching program will directly impact your results.  The more you are committed to achieving your goals, the more you will gain. That said, I offer you my full commitment and open access to my skills, experience and coaching resources.

Typically, my clients gain way more than they expect and you will experience the benefits of your coaching long after your program is completed.

Specifically, you can expect:

  • Challenge, Support and Guidance

Coaching isn’t for the faint hearted! I will challenge you to think differently; support you to take action and guide you to develop new and highly effective ways to achieve success. This includes shifting limiting beliefs and behaviours to develop an authentic and flexible leadership style. You’ll develop a wide range of techniques and approaches to put in your personal and professional toolkit.

With P2R Coaching, you can’t ‘unring a bell’ – there’s no going backwards!

  • New Skills, Behaviours and Beliefs – new ways of being and doing

By the end of your P2R Coaching Program, you will know how to sustain the change. I give you everything you need to achieve your goals – the results are in your hands. The more you put into your coaching, the more you will gain from it.

  • Flexibility

While most P2R Coaching Programs are conducted via Skype or phone, limited places are available for Melbourne based clients at your office or a location of your choice.

Q: What does it cost and how long does it take?

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A: P2R offers a range of programs for both individuals and teams. From the initial exploratory discussion, we develop a personalised program based on the goals you want to achieve and the effort required to achieve it. The investment in your development is based on the type of program we design for you.

Note: To ensure you maintain momentum and achieve your coaching goals, all P2R programs must be completed within 12 months of commencement.

Talk to me today to understand your options and the cost.

Q: How can I be sure of the return on investment (ROI)?

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A: At our initial meeting we will identify specifically what you want and need to achieve. We determine how to measure success, including tangible and non-tangible measures and calculate the value based on what you will gain from your P2R program and what not achieving this goal will cost you.

The most important way to ensure the value you receive from professional coaching far exceeds the cost, is to commit 100% to giving it everything you’ve got. There is a direct relationship between effort and success. I pride myself on exceeding our client’s expectations and what you achieve will be a direct result of your commitment to the process.

Q: Why are P2R Coaching Programs prepaid?

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A: To ensure our mutual commitment to your success, prepayment guarantees both of our availability. Once payment is received, we do the necessary preparation, set you up in our systems and schedule all of your coaching sessions.

Paying up front means you are far more likely to commit to both the coaching program and achieving the goals you set and much less likely to sabotage your success.

I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If after your first coaching session you believe working with me is not right for you, I will refund your payment and we’ll go our separate ways with no hard feelings!

Q: Is there any flexibility to move coaching sessions?

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A: Your coaching sessions will be pre-scheduled, based on the days and times that work best for you and my availability. This ensures we’ve both prioritised your coaching and blocked out time in our diaries.

However, I also know that occasionally you may need to reschedule due to an unavoidable or unanticipated event. To avoid forfeiting your coaching session, P2R requires notification 48 hours in advance. While we will do everything possible to find an alternative day and time to make up the missed session, this cannot be guaranteed.

Q: What if I’m unable to complete the program – do I get a refund?

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A: If an unanticipated and unavoidable event occurs that means you are unable to complete your P2R Coaching Program, you have the option of either deferring your program or receiving a refund for the balance of any unused coaching sessions.

Please talk to me about any concerns or plans you have that may interfere with your progress. I’ll help you work out the best way forward.

Q: Can I coach via Skype?

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A: Yes! Most P2R Individual Coaching Programs are conducted via Skype or phone which makes it easier for you to schedule your sessions where and when you won’t be interrupted and are most comfortable.

The other advantage of Skype coaching is that your session can be recorded so you can focus on our conversation and play it back later. This also means you won’t have to take copious notes!

Still wondering…?  Let’s have a chat and see what will work best for you.

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Jane Newsome“Working with Caroline has been inspirational. Through her persistance and probing questioning results were achieved in a very short space of time. Reorganising and prioritise the areas which matter has made an enormous difference to my ability to work efficiently and proactively.

Life at work and home is now “easy”. The “noise” is now under control. Caroline has made change fun and exciting although the process was challenging. Achievements are acknowledged and there is far more focus in my live.

It has now been four months since our final session and the toolkit which we built together is still in place and in action.

A fantastic reference tool for business and personal life. For me it has been a great result and I would certainly recommend Caroline to colleagues and friends”

Jane Newsome, Partner at Roberts and Morrow