Quiz – How Great IS your Team?

We all aspire to lead teams that perform well and achieve success with a minimum of fuss! But it’s often hard to take a step back and objectively assess what they do well and what they must improve to become truly ‘high performing’.

Whether you are creating a new team or have inherited a team that’s been together a while, it’s useful to know where they are today.

Assessing the quality and effectiveness of your team will help you identify their potential and strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement. Your answers to this quiz will guide your team’s ongoing development

  1. What is your team’s purpose?
  2. How many people are in your team?
  3. How would you describe your team?
  4. What are your team’s Top 3 strengths?
  5. What are your team’s biggest current challenges?

  • The following characteristics are consistently displayed by ‘high performing’ teams.

    Please rank your team based on what you observe and believe.

    High Performing Team Characteristics

  • Take a note of how many times you’ve selected Poor, Average, Consistent or Excellent.



    You’ve got some work to do! It’s likely your team is struggling to fulfill its purpose. They may:

    • Have been together too long and the reason for the team’s existence may no longer be clear or necessary
    • Be experiencing a high turnover of team members.
    • Be stuck in the ‘storming’ phase of team development
    • Dysfunctional due to circumstances
    • Not know how to improve

    Whatever the reason, they are suffering and you need to take action now.


    Your team is ‘going through the motions’ and doing just enough to justify their existence. They may be:

    • Inexperienced or still ‘forming’
    • Missing deadlines here and there
    • Working independently, unaware of the benefits of collaborating
    • Unaware or unsure of what they are accountable for
    • Experiencing conflict that is distracting them from their purpose
    • Missing essential skill sets and styles

    However, there’s a lot you can do to improve their effectiveness and ensure they are recognised as high performing.
    Let’s get your team back on track!


    This team is a solid performer. Members do what is necessary and usually:

    • Meet deadlines
    • Do what’s required
    • Run the risk of ‘coasting’
    • Get along just fine, most of the time
    • Are described as satisfactory
    • Tend to be more reactive than pro-active

    But they may well be ‘coasting’ and are capable of so much more!

    Discover how to unlock your teams’ potential and take them from good to great.


    Congratulations, you must be very proud of your team! They are seen as a team who:

    • Knows why they exist and the value they add
    • Exceeds expectations
    • Welcomes a good challenge
    • Builds trust and earns it through what they say and do
    • Regularly seeks and acts on feedback
    • Delivers outstanding results
    • Operates like a ‘well-oiled machine’
    • Focuses on using and building their strengths
    • Are fully aware of their gaps and take steps to address them
    • Know where they are heading and are planning for the future whilst delivering results today
    • Attract others who want to work with them

    With all these indicators in place, imagine what else they could achieve if they knew how?

    Discover how to take your team to a whole new level of success TODAY.


    This team has the potential to be high performing but aren’t quite there yet. They:

    • Mostly know why they exist and how this contributes to your organisation’s mission
    • Feature a variety of skills and capability. There are a few ‘stars’ who excel and carry those who are less capable
    • Aren’t fully aware of their collective strengths and weaknesses
    • Sometimes experience conflict but aren’t always sure how to resolve it
    • Risk becoming dysfunctional
    • Seem to take two steps back for every step forward
    • May not know how to create the best opportunities to consistently succeed

    Based on what’s giving you this mixed result, the solution is likely simple and easy to implement.

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