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Discover a career you’ll love, make the difference you were born to make

Like many of us, you’ve probably bounced from job to job and built your career opportunistically. But now you realise the career path you’ve taken is no longer offering the the right challenges or meeting your needs.

We all dream of making a difference to something we really care about yet too many professional people are stuck in dead end careers that are going nowhere. If that sounds like you, rest assured, you’re not alone!

If any of these ring a bell, P2R Career Coaching will help:

  • My job’s OK but something’s missing.
  • There’’s been a lot of change where I work and I no longer enjoy my job
  • I’ve been made redundant, lost my mojo and feel a bit lost
  • I’ve had a varied and successful career and could do all sorts of things but don’t know how to figure it out


I know… career planning is something you know you need to do but the demands of work and life mean there’s precious little time to create your own Career Development Plan.

Let’s take a reality check and see what this could be costing you:

  • The ‘job for life’ is largely a thing of the past and the average professional will now change careers 3 – 7 times. If you’re not managing your career… who is?
  • Over a 40 year working life, the average professional clocks up more than 75,000 hours at work. How many of your working hours have been challenging, fulfilling and happy?
  • Without a clear career path, you’re highly vulnerable to redundancy, retrenchment and internal restructures
  • 80% jobs are never advertised and of those that are, many have already been decided



Discovering a rewarding career path and developing the skills and strategies to make successful career changes will help you:

  • Get clear about what you want to do next
  • Create a focused Career Development Plan to make it a reality
  • Develop a strong personal brand to land the right job
  • Turn redundancy into the best thing that ever happened to you
  • Access the hidden job market to find a job that meets your criteria
  • Transition to self-employment, flexible work arrangements and retirement

P2R Career Coaching clients gain the clarity, confidence, strategies and tools to successfully manage their career and find rewarding roles that play to their passions, strengths, skills and experience.

Having successfully made 10 significant career changes, I have the personal experience and professional expertise to help you get your career back on track.

Recognising that everyone’s professional needs are unique, P2R Career Coaching Programs are tailored to your specific circumstances, goals and aspirations.

If you’re ready do the work you were born to do, let’s discover how I can help you make it a reality.

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Rob Macey“Caroline is an extremely personable coach who has pushed my thinking and dared me to explore the “what if..” rather than the “what is..” This has helped me approach challenges as opportunities and not merely problems. Many thanks Caroline!”

Robert Macey, Head of Franchise Relations at Metro Trains Melbourne