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Leadership is a choice, not a title…


With the endless range of leadership theories, training, books and opinions out there, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Finding the right support can be like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack!

Leadership is highly individual and personal. Your leadership qualities, leadership style and leadership development needs are based on your values, beliefs, experience and the context within which you lead.

Together these shape what you think, say and do – creating a lasting impression of how good a leader you really are.

But a leadership style which may have been highly effective in one context, could totally miss the mark in another. This leaves you confused, frustrated and ineffective as those you work with lose respect and faith in you.

The key to powerful and successful leadership lies in developing behavioural flexibility. With ready access to a wide range of leadership techniques, integrated with your authentic leadership style and leadership qualities, your ability to adapt, thrive and succeed increases exponentially!



P2R Leadership Development Coaching is designed to meet your specific needs. Taking into account the context within which you are working, our leadership programs will help you:

  • Identify your unique Leadership Qualities and authentic Leadership Style
  • Know where you’re going (goals and direction)
  • Decide how you’ll get there (plan and strategy)
  • Strengthen essential leadership skills and build your own Leadership Toolkit
  • Optimise your environment (people, place, context and environment within which you lead)
  • Master your psychology (connect your values and purpose, replace limiting beliefs, remove mental barriers and create a highly effective leadership style)



P2R Leadership Coaching in Melbourne draws on a wide range of proven leadership theories and behavioural techniques used by successful leaders. I take the time to:

  • Understand where you are now and what you want to achieve
  • Identify your leadership style, leadership qualities and leadership development needs
  • Plan a highly tailored leadership development coaching program aligned with your organisation’s needs
  • Provide professional coaching tools, techniques and strategies to help you coach your people to success
  • Help you hold yourself accountable for your results
  • Give you everything you need to sustain the change long after your coaching program is completed

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Mariela DiazCaroline was exceptional at drawing out what lay dorment in me. Her strategies were simple but highly effective in assisting me to develop strong high level skills to run a large highly complex, challenging and values driven government program. I found the experience of working of working with Caroline highly empowering by providing me with the ability to make the best of my people, my boss and of course me.

She is well training and very skilled at her job but most importantly to me – she is real, kind and challenging! Thank you Caroline – it’s been a great year!

Mariela Diaz, Director, Child Protection Department of Human Services