Seachange Coaching

Escape the rat race to do what you love, in a place you love, with those you love

Fed up with office politics, endless commuting, rising prices and crime and not enough time to what you love?

Life’s too short and you don’t want to look back on it filled with regret. But making a seachange, treechange or major lifestyle change is risky and scary. There’s a lot at stake, mistakes can be costly and the media is littered with stories of sea changes or tree changes gone wrong.

Yet far more people make the seachange move successfully. When I talk to many of my clients several years on, their only regret is that they didn’t do it sooner!


A seachange is all about discovering what’s important and changing your lifestyle to have more time, less stress, better life balance and living how you want to live.

Seachanging used to be about retirees moving to the coast or country, hobby farmers, hippies ‘opting out’ or downshifting. Today, it’s open to anyone who’s ready to swap stress, frustration and boredom for life balance, fulfillment and happiness.

With over 15 different ways to make a sea or tree change, however you choose to do it, is fine!

The options are limitless and thanks to technology, flexible work options, new careers and more choice than ever before, a seachange or tree change is for anyone who is ready, willing and able to make the move.

If you’re ready to quit the rat race for a simpler, more fulfilling life, I can help you. Over the last 7 years I’ve helped hundreds of singles, couples and families discover what they really want and make the move successfully.



While every seachanger’s circumstances are different, the challenges are common:

  • Where to live
  • How to find work
  • Start a new business
  • How to afford it
  • Be happy with the move
  • How to know if it’s right and make sure it is

I help seachangers:

  • Choose their ideal location
  • Find a job that matches their skills and expertise and supports their desired lifestyle
  • Start a business that is rewarding, successful and aligned with what’s important to them
  • Afford the move and adjust their lifestyle to their income
  • Make the transition smoothly and successfully
  • Manage the reactions of their friends and family
  • Ensure the seachange or tree change works for everyone who is impacted

To find out more, pop over to our Sea Change Success website.



Our Sea Change Coaching Programs will help you

  • Clarify what you want and what realising your sea change dream will give you
  • Take stock of where you are now and create a simple, easy-to-action plan to bridge the gap
  • Overcome the inevitable challenges that will come up along the way


“After talking to Caroline for half an hour it felt like we’d known each other for years! Stepping away from my construction industry management career to become a farmer no longer felt like an impossible dream.

Over the next 3 months, Caroline helped me get clear about how I wanted it to be and plan to make it happen. I’d never thought of doing it in phases and what was once overwhelming became doable. A year down the track, I’ve bought the farm in western Victoria and am on track to move there permanently by the end of the year.

Whenever it seemed like it was all too hard, Caroline helped me cut the problem down to size and got me back on track. Her objective and encouraging style and extensive experience in helping people make such big life changes have helped me become more resourceful and I know that whatever comes up in the future, I can handle it.

Thanks Caroline, my possibility wouldn’t have become a reality without you!”

Stephen L, Melbourne, VIC


Do you dream of a quieter, more fulfilling lifestyle but aren’t sure how to make it happen?

Let’s see how I can help make your seachange dream a reality. My lifestyle change coaching service can help.

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“After 17 years moving around with the army we wanted to set up a B&B but had no idea where to start. We’d read lots of books but there was so much to think about we were all over the place.

Doing the Sea Change Kickstart program with Caroline answered all our questions. She helped us work it all out with a Plan B to manage all the risks. 2 years on we couldn’t be happier – it’s all turned out exactly how we’d planned and was much easier than we thought it would be.”

Jason and Stephanie R, Dandenong Ranges, VIC