P2R Success Stories

I am constantly inspired by my clients’ ability to achieve way more than they thought was possible!

P2R Business Coaching, Team Coaching, Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Career Coaching and Sea Change Coaching helped them create the necessary change.

Supporting, guiding and challenging my clients to achieve their goals is both a privilege and a pleasure. Here are some of their inspiring stories to help you see what’s possible for you…

*Note: Names have been changed to respect client confidentiality


Executive Board sets the gold standard for collaboration

Growing rapidly over recent years and feeling the effects of multiple restructures, this government department had become increasingly siloed and disparate. Relationships and cohesion deteriorated, opportunities for collaboration evaporated and inefficiency was rife as each division and branch ‘reinvented the wheel’.

Conflict and unhealthy competition were on the rise and performance deteriorated as seemingly simple projects seemed to be bogged down in unnecessary bureaucracy and turf wars.

When the Board realised the increasing cost to the organisation, its people and services, it was forced to look in the mirror.  The silos were being inadvertently perpetuated by their actions and behaviours.

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A 2 day Leadership Team Building Retreat was the catalyst to reflect on the impact and envisage a more collaborative culture where people would automatically seek out and work together to achieve goals more easily.  Recognising that the catalyst for change was the example they set, the 15 members of this Executive Board developed a Collective Leadership Model with defined principles, values, behaviours and actions.

Gaining unanimous and genuine commitment to the new way of leading, with the support of team coaching, the Board embarked on a 6 month program to change their organisation’s culture.

To keep Collective Leadership front of mind , I provided Critical Friend feedback and support at monthly Board Meetings, Cross Divisional Initiative Workshops and Collaboration Sessions. Regular reflection enabled the Board to fine-tune and flex its approach as they learnt more about what was and wasn’t having an impact.


  • A series of collaborative pilot projects were identified, scoped and completed
  • Cross division and branch working groups were formed and the ability to deliver faster, better outcomes was proven
  • Relationships and internal networks were strengthened
  • Within 12 months collaboration became the default approach to solving problems, generating innovative solutions and delivering higher quality projects more quickly
  • The Executive Board relationships were strengthened and interdependence provided the key to leading and modeling Collective Leadership


Turning the ship around – from disaster to success

This project team was charged with delivering a vital software solution to 13 international sites. But ineffective leadership, internal conflict and vested interests were hindering their success.

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Staff turnover was high (no one wanted to work on this ‘poisoned chalice’ project!), the customer was losing patience and the parent company was preparing to shut the project down.

With a damaged reputation earned by many missed milestones costing thousands of dollars a day, no one believed they could deliver and this large project was on a Titanic style collision course for disaster.

Through an intensive 2 day Leadership Team Building Retreat, 12 stream leaders identified the specific challenges and developed targeted solutions to address them. The team created a timeline to better understand what had created their current predicament.

Re-framing the events of the past enabled them to move forward with wisdom, clarity, confidence and unity.

Designing a new Strategic Direction, Team Charter and Exemplary Leadership Model, realigned values, resolved conflict and cultural differences, clarified roles and responsibilities and established agreed ways of working.

Finally, the leaders had a robust way to turn their project around and get back on course.


  • Within 2 weeks, the CEO reported visibly improved team morale and successful delivery of a key milestone; together with a significant improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Ongoing Team Coaching, maintained focus and accountability and within 6 months all milestones had been met and the system was successfully rolled out.
  • On the back of their success, the software solution was sold and successfully implemented for another country and 2 other countries had placed firm orders for over $200m.

Postscript: The Program Manager has since been promoted to head up the company’s Australian operations. 4 of the project leaders formed a special rescue team that helps other troubled projects successfully get back on track.

“Caroline initiated changes which made a true difference and took on a team very down on attitude and enthusiasm. Through her coaching, leadership and direction the team was rebuilt into a successful, efficient working unit. She is not afraid to share her point of view and challenge the status quo, whilst always getting the best out of people in a caring and compassionate way.”

Anne CEO, Healthcare Industry



Rapid response lifts morale, reconnects disengaged team and strengthens culture

Whilst a restructure was believed to be the cause of growing unhappiness, widespread inability to adapt to change was the real culprit driving this division’s disengagement.  Employee survey results were plummeting; frustration and stress were alarmingly high and the 50 strong team was spinning its wheels. The increasingly bad vibe was toxic and infecting those who otherwise would have taken the change in their stride.

A new strategic direction for the department meant this division’s work was increasingly important, placing them under greater scrutiny and pressure to deliver results. Recognising the growing disconnect between executive management and staff, I was brought in to help the team define and solve the problem.

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Let’s Make This Work   →   Taking Action   →   Making Progress    →   Achieving Results

A series of 6 confidential focus groups highlighted a disconnect in behaviours and expectations.  Staff felt they hadn’t been consulted about the restructure while management believed they couldn’t have consulted more. However, mutual commitment was high and people cared deeply enough to do whatever it took to turn things around.

The division identified Honesty, Trust and Respect as the values that mattered most and decided what behaviours they’d all need to do and see to improve communication, understanding and performance. Guiding principles, desirable and undesirable behaviours were identified to create an agreed way to be and define the culture the division wanted to create. Each of the values was given a score out of 10 and realistic improvement goals were set by each individual and branch, to be achieved within 3 months.

Tangible, achievable actions were identified including a commitment to speak up (rather than let things fester); pragmatic transition planning; visual management boards to provide greater transparency of work; regular social activities to improve connection; acknowledging effort and success and targeted professional development to fill skill gaps.

Regular team coaching sessions provided the opportunity for members to rate how the division was tracking on the 3 values, reflect on progress and maintain high awareness of their own responses. Together with individual coaching,  team members took greater accountability for their own behaviours lifting empowerment and resilience.

Within 2 months the division had reset its path.  Staff are happier and more engaged, executive managers are more connected and aware and the team is well positioned to deliver what their stakeholders expect.


  • Employee Engagement Satisfaction Results – within 6 weeks the division achieved a significant improvement across all criteria:
    • Clarity of work tasks: 32%
    • Impact/contribution of work: 41%
    • Capacity to influence how work tasks are completed: 31%
    • Having interesting/challenging work:  14%
    • Amount and usefulness of feedback on performance: 16%
    • Opportunities for professional growth and learning: 15%
  • Within 3 months, each branch made significant and steady progress to achieve the goals they set demonstrating increased Honesty, Trust and Respect


Creating a strong, cohesive branch identity

Following a major restructure and significant, 5 highly specialized but disparate teams were brought together to form a new branch. Unable to see the links and synergies between their services, the branch was at risk of perpetuating a formerly siloed and fragmented culture.

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A one day Planning Workshop for 25 branch leaders set the scene for creating a new identity to clearly communicate who they are, what they do, where they’re heading and how they’d get there.

Four months later, a subsequent Leadership Team Building Retreat, enabled the team to understand how they were perceived and decide the reputation they wanted. Together, they developed an Action Plan to strengthen trusted relationships within the Department, across government, with ministers and their advisors.


  • Established Reputation Goals, a Team Charter and Business Plan set expectations and provided the necessary tools to create a service oriented culture, focused on performance, relationships and quality.
  • Where in the past, the typical response to a phone enquiry was likely to have been, “I don’t know…”, if you ring this branch today, you’ll be put directly through to the right team who can help you.
  • The branch has established a strong reputation for supporting significant reforms across their sector.


Controlled change delivers divestment, separation, restructure and reform

When this major utility was required to separate transmission and distribution from its energy business, previously shared IT and commercial services were separated to support the new structure.

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It was vital that impacted staff transferred roles, responsibilities, knowledge and skills to achieve the objective of two, successful, independent businesses.

In a highly political environment, I guided the divisional re-structure of the new customer and business services function, facilitating 6 Business Design Workshops where key decision makers separated and allocated resources to support both businesses.

The goal was to make a complex and emotionally charged organizational change as easy and painless as possible, providing change management expertise, executive coaching, team coaching, and facilitation.

Transition Action Plans provided a simple, controlled and effective way to transfer responsibilities, skills and knowledge previously held in people’s heads.


  • Resources were allocated and assigned to the newly separated businesses in a fair and equitable way. This created a controlled hand-over of responsibilities to ensure both businesses had the required capability to function independently
  • Complex organisational change often results in high attrition and the loss of vital skills as people who become disillusioned with the process and leave. As all impacted staff were heavily engaged and given choices, there was no loss of staff during the transition
  • With a new Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan, the newly formed customer and business services team created a compelling value proposition, aligned individual, team, department and company objectives and ensured the successful integration of 50 staff and core services.

“I have been very impressed with the level of commitment and professionalism exhibited by Caroline. Her ability to relate to staff, level of energy to keep them motivated and focused was extremely impressive especially under such stressful situations.   This combined with a deep level of understanding of the organisation, the people and theory of change lead to a number of successful assignments.

CD, CIO, Utilities Industry


Collaboration  framework holds the key to helping vulnerable, ‘at risk’ young people

This iconic non-profit organisation recognised the chronic and growing need and for services to support homeless young people. Working with three separate funding partners and 8 disparate service providers, Caroline designed and implemented an effective governance structure, common operating platform and service delivery model to support delivery of an effective service to “at risk” youth in the CBD.

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Caroline interviewed key stakeholders including governance members, staff and service providers. Through facilitated workshops she helped the team identify issues, develop solutions, gain consensus and create a shared vision. Implementing their Strategic Plan included redesigning and documenting key processes (including service agreements and common intake/referral) and developing a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract ongoing financial support to sustain the service.


  • The service successfully transitioned to their new, co-located operating model within 6 months, with key service providers working collaboratively and seamlessly
  • 10 years later, it is a recognised leader within the sector, sought out both locally and nationally as setting the benchmark
  • Service managers are called upon to provide input into federal and state government white papers, initiatives and policy development. This was further validated with the organisation successfully gaining ongoing government funding to continue to provide the service
  • The organisation was able to use this and other services to successfully develop an innovative early intervention and prevention approach that provides coaching services to help vulnerable young people achieve their potential and reduce their risk of ongoing homelessness.


Clinician masters change management to deliver new model of care

As part of a major overhaul of its models of care, this large and iconic public hospital turned it’s focus to improving rehabilitation services.  Realising that the change would only be supported if it was lead by a well-respected clinician, an experienced senior nurse was selected to deliver the project.  I was brought in to provide her with coaching, guidance and support.

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Eager and quick to learn and apply professional change management techniques, such as stakeholder engagement, workshop facilitation, communication and project management,  Fiona successfully:

  • secured the buy-in and support of previously change reluctant stakeholders
  • gained a clear understanding of the current state and identified the best opportunities for redesign
  • designed and implemented a patient focused model of care

“When I was offered the opportunity to manage a major change project, I knew it would be very different from my usual role as Nurse Coordinator. It was for a 12 month period and I knew it was a great opportunity but had reservations about taking on something that I didn’t have a great deal of experience in.

The one thing that tipped my decision was the offer of working with an ‘External Consultant’ who I was told would help guide me through the process. This person was Caroline Cameron who did more than ‘guide’ me through managing a project!

I cannot speak highly enough of Caroline’s approach, manner and obvious wealth of knowledge in a vast array of areas that related to not only the project but also my own professional development. Working with Caroline gave me excellent direct access to learning as well as invaluable encouragement and insight into how to put this learning into practice.

Working on the project has been a great experience and I attribute the success of this experience to the fact that I was so well supported and mentored throughout by an expert in change management and many other fields which is quite rare in the health care setting!!

Fiona Moran, Director, Ambulatory Care, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne



A strong compass and clear direction for palliative care

Facing rapidly increasing demand for services, changes to funding models and the challenge of working smarter with limited resources, this leading non-profit, community palliative care provider needed to develop a clear strategic direction and a robust business plan to achieve it.

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Interviews with the CEO, Board, Senior Leadership Team and key partners identified the organisation’s aspirations, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and priorities.

Through a series of facilitated Strategic Planning Workshops, the collective knowledge of the organisations’ leaders was harnessed. This helped them create a shared vision and clear future direction, aligned with its core purpose and underpinned by four key pillars.


    • A three year Roadmap and Business Plan with a supporting budget and resource plan provided an achievable way to implement strategic change whilst maintaining high levels of daily care.
    • Documented in an easy to communicate format, the CEO shared the new business strategy, quickly gaining support and buy-in from staff, partners and other providers.
    • A clear, concise and compelling Strategic Direction, helped the organisation clarify its role and desired position in the provision of community palliative care.
    • Funding was successfully secured to create a co-ordinated model of care which actively engages specialist partner providers to collaboratively lift the quality of care.

“Caroline – my experience of working with you has been energising and inspirational. The strategic planning process with the Board was the most engaging that I have ever been involved in. You seemed to be able to keep the ideas flowing and adapt the process according to the information exchange as it was happening.

You worked with teams through all levels of the organisation to not only focus on our core business, but to do some magical thinking about the future and where it could take us. Thank you for all your help and guidance.”

Helen, CEO, Non-profit Organisation


Setting the future direction from the ground up gets critical buy-in

Charged with providing an essential and highly sensitive government service, this Branch was recovering from a period of significant upheaval and change. Disruptive managers and staff had been replaced but remaining staff bore the scars and the culture had become passive aggressive.

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Marking 10 years of service provision and facing increased community expectations triggered the need to regroup and change direction. Breaking with the normal practice of strategic planning being ‘secret executive business’, the leaders of this Branch chose a different approach.

All 40 staff attended Strategic Planning Workshops, to set the future direction together. The first workshop helped them resolve the past, identify where they were currently, what they wanted and needed to achieve and what this would result in.

Innovative yet realistic ideas were explored and the energy visibly lifted as the team gained clarity and built commitment.

Small teams further developed the most likely options.In the second workshop, a consolidated 5 year Business Plan, aligned with the Corporate Strategy was created.


  • The Strategic Direction and supporting Business Plan were approved and vital senior executive support was gained
  • Buoyed by the success of their unorthodox approach, leaders and staff immediately refocused their effort to bring their strategic initiatives to life. Within 6 weeks four major projects got underway without dropping the ball on daily service provision
  • Many of the attendees had never been exposed to strategic planning before and gained both insight and skill to regularly revisit and refine their Business Plan
  • Empowered to develop the Branch’s strategic direction converted a formerly disengaged and change weary group into a united, committed, results oriented team.



Emerging leaders gain skills and confidence to fly

Needing to develop his future leaders, the General Manager of a division of one of Australia’s largest corporate companies enlisted my help to deliver a leadership development program that would deliver tangible results.

13 high potential leaders were selected to participate – all highly experienced technical managers striving to improve the way they achieve results through others.

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Working collaboratively with the HR Advisor, we designed a 6 month intensive, internal program combining best practice leadership models, tools and resources with the companies defined leadership competencies.  Participants attended 3 x 2 day highly  interactive learning workshops, completing pre and post workshop learning assignments.

Course Content included:

  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Building a Leadership Toolkit
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Learning from our Leaders – ‘on the couch’ sessions with internal leaders exploring all aspects of their leadership experience
  • Influencing, Communication and Your Brand
  • Advanced Communication Skills including the use of power and influence
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Career Planning
  • Next Level Leadership – Strategic and Critical Thinking, Leading and Developing Teams, Managing Priorities, Principles of Engagement
  • Ongoing development – Group Action Learning projects to have a positive impact on the whole division


All participants

  • Gained clear understanding of what it takes to lead successfully in their organisation
  • Created their own Leadership Vision
  • Developed techniques to strengthen their leadership
  • Learned how to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Increased self awareness, self regulation and confidence
  • Set professional goals and created Leadership and Career Development Plans
  • Developed deep and ongoing relationships with their peers to enable the successful delivery of 4 national Action Learning Projects
  • Participant Program Rating:  85% Excellent, 15% Good
  • This program exceeded all my expectations.  There’s always a risk of trying to cram too much in but this program covered the right amount and type of topics for me to grasp and apply what I’ve learned.
  • Spot on!  I feel way more confident in my skills and leadership abilities now – this course is a must do for all emerging leaders.
  • Caroline is engaging, knowledgeable, supportive, challenging and inspiring!  She was well prepared and knows so much about different aspects of leadership.
  • Caroline is great.  She is a great communicator and fantastic facilitator –  very insightful, inclusive and interesting. She’s very skilled at challenging everyone and creating a safe learning space. I’ve learned and grown so much throughout this program.
  • Caroline was excellent – having been through several similar courses, this program was by far the best I’ve ever done.

Tired teachers reconnect, recharge batteries and build lasting resilience

Facing the pressures of reduced staffing, increased tension and re-modelled workspaces, the teachers from this primary school were struggling.  A tailored P2R professional development day was designed to help them:

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  • Identify and reflect on their achievements and challenges
  • Discover how to take their strengths to the next level to ensure success and ease
  • Build a Self Care Thrival Kit to take anywhere and use anytime to overcome any challenge
  • Learn how to integrate what they learnt and developed into their work


  • All participants were individually validated and appreciated
  • Protocols for sharing workspaces were designed, creating shared understanding and respect
  • ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ posters were created to provide visual reminders of key resilience strategies
  • Each participant developed their own Thrival Kit to build and sustain resilience
  • 6 months after the ‘Today is All About YOU‘ Professional Development Day, staff reported improved relationships and increased ability to manage through stressful situations and ongoing change.
  • Achieved all my needs and hopes for the day.
  • Very very helpful, thanks!  Very appropriate content.  Clearly applicable to my professional situation.  I feel much more positive.  Thank you.
  • Great, really informative, very useful.  A fantastic day much needed.
  • This course helped me to recognise my innermost strengths and the values that make me the person I am.  Thank you.  I had the thrival kit in me all the time – you tapped it out.  Thank you.  I shall now face this year with renewed vigour.
  • For me the choice of Do It / Don’t Do It has been a stand out.
  • Very much enjoyed this PD.  I now have lots of positive ideas to deal with anything I’m thrown.  Thank you 🙂
  • Easy to listen to facilitator, easy to grasp, nice group work sessions.
  • This has been a wonderful day and I really believe you have given us the direction to go forward.
  • Thank you for making me think, react, question and cry – you’ve given me lots to choose to do 🙂
  • Thank you for your words of wisdom.  I felt the appreciation cards were a wonderful way of making everybody feel validated.
  • This PD was great  – Thinking tools, Team work and building, Pearls of Wisdom – I’m a lot ‘wiser’ now.
  • Made me do a lot of thinking about how to deal with different problems.  It was a very enjoyable day.
  • Was an excellent session.  I particularly enjoyed the pearls of wisdom and strengths 🙂



From floundering and stressed to high performing

Moving interstate to take up a senior state management position in the medical insurance industry, Jo found herself faced with the significant task of introducing significant change to a team entrenched in the ‘old ways’.

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As an expert in her field she knew what had to be done but had never managed a team before. Facing entrenched resistance, Jo was struggling and her stress levels were dangerously high.

Jo’s P2R Executive Career and Leadership Development Program gave her new beliefs, techniques, skills and strategies to change organizational culture, attitudes and behaviours.

Importantly, she developed the ability to manage herself through the transition, developing resilience and replacing self-doubt with calm confidence.

Gaining greater understanding of her leadership style and identifying the leadership qualities she needed helped Jo significantly improve team performance.


  • Within 3 months, Jo’s team went from being the poorest to highest performing nationally, achieving 75% in Hewitt Engagement Scores (the national average of 65% was considered to be ‘high performing’)
  • Jo went from surviving to thriving as her team consistently achieved their KPIs and set the benchmark.

“As a result of your coaching, I’m a lot stronger and know I have a lot more to give to people. I’m much happier and people actually want to be around me. My health has improved enormously and I am sleeping well most nights and no longer need sleeping tablets.

From being the lowest ranked, my team scored the second highest score in the organization for engagement and the feedback from auditors and other departments has been glowing. I now have a clearer idea of where I want to go have grown a lot and look forward to growing and achieving even more.”

Jo, Manager, Medical Insurance Industry


Senior executive beats crippling self-doubt and overcomes “imposter syndrome”

In spite of 25 years experience in his field, deep knowledge, a sharp intellect and being well respected, Mike’s self-doubt, anxiety and stress levels were hindering both his performance and job satisfaction.

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When he found himself reporting to a high achieving, driven extrovert manager, Mike (a classic introvert), was drowning and struggling to meet the demands of his role. When we first met, he confessed that he felt inadequate and was fearful of others finding out that he wasn’t ‘up to the job’.

Through his P2R Executive Coaching Program, Mike separated truth from fiction and implemented simple techniques to immediately get his workload under control. Transferring strategies he’d successfully used in the past helped re-frame his limiting beliefs.

He’d never learnt how to swim as a child and was afraid of the water. But when his young son started swimming lessons, he knew he had to overcome his fear. Today he swims 20kms a week and we were able to use the same success strategy to help him succeed at work.


  • Mike learnt how to ‘get out of his own way’, trust himself and accept the strengths others value in him
  • He successfully negotiated boundaries with his manager whose respect for him increased significantly
  • Demonstrating new found influencing skills, self-confidence, calm and resilience was recognised and he’s been recently promoted to head up a major, national reform
  • Mike’s now working fewer hours and maintains a healthy perspective around his priorities.


Financial Controller gets back on track after redundancy

It took Sam 12 months to find the right role after he’d been laid off and he was determined to succeed.   On paper, he had the right experiences, skills and competencies, he just needed to prove it to his employer and, more importantly, himself.  To add to the challenge, Sam’s hospitality industry employer was undergoing rapid growth and expansion which meant Sam had to ‘deliver’ quickly.

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Undertaking the P2R Hit the Ground Running – First 90 Days Program, Sam first set goals and developed a plan to establish key relationships, gain a deep understanding of the business and set the priorities.  This helped him manage the demands of the role and heavy workload, providing a structured approach to make fast progress.


  • Regular coaching sessions enabled Sam to reflect on his achievements (not just focus on what was still to be done) and maintain perspective.  This rebuilt his self-confidence and helped him demonstrate and report daily and weekly success
  • Sam developed new planning, problem solving and decision making strategies which resulted in the successful establishment of a new organisational structure an on-boarding formerly outsourced finance staff within 3 months.
  • Sam quickly built the trust of both the CFO and CEO and was able to successfully advise and influence decisions regarding the implementation of new systems and processes.

“Caroline – thank you so much for so many things.  You…

  1. Diagnosed and clarified the real underlying issues to uncover the goals I really wanted to achieve
  2. Provided the right advice and tools
  3. Listened
  4. Believed in me, kept me motivated and stretched me to think and act outside of my comfort zone

I have successfully transitioned into my new role, delivered key priorities for the CEO and gained an expert understanding of the business needs and opportunities. I have established good relations with my team, CEO and broader business managers. I have established financial accounting services which were previously outsourced. I have recruited fresh talent, reassigned roles and responsibilities and developed an implementation plan for a new ERP system. I have strengthened controls around key business processes and improved the quality and delivery of the mgt and board reporting.

But the biggest change has been in my thinking and approach to my role, both from a strategic perspective and my day to day responsibilities. My physical and mental energy reserves are higher as a result of the coaching program and I am now lot more confident in dealing with any issues.”

Sam, Financial Controller, Hospitality Industry


CEO steps off shaky ground into a bright future

Facing a ‘vote of no confidence’ from the Board and her staff, Kaye’s position as CEO of a small but rapidly growing non-profit organisation was rapidly becoming untenable.  Having been brought in 9 months previously to take the organisation from a small, ‘cottage-industry’ to a fully fledged, successful enterprise, Kaye had been recruited for her successful track record in a multi-national business and as an accomplished academic.

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However, neither Kaye nor the Board had anticipated the significant differences in culture and approach and the staff did not respond well to Kaye’s fast-paced, forthright, business-focused style.  With so much scope for improvement, Kaye was working excessive hours and the stress was taking a heavy toll .

Through a 6 month, tailored P2R Executive Leadership Coaching Program, Kaye was able to increase her self-awareness, clarify her goals for the organisation, modify her style (including slowing down, containing her hours and reducing intensity without sacrificing her vision) and re-establish the confidence of both the Board and staff.


  • Kaye successfully improved services, lifted skills and capability and introduced a revitalised structure, processes and culture
  • Exceeding its growth targets, the organisation is now expanding its international services with Kaye driving the development of an exciting and achievable strategic plan.
  • Kaye earned the trust and respect of her staff who now turn to her as a role model and mentor –  a far cry from those who had complained about her 12 months previously.



A clear, compelling personal brand reaps results

A series of poor business decisions and ongoing values clashes led Jenny to ‘confront the brutal facts of her reality’ – she realised she could no longer work for the company she had co-founded many years before.

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Through P2R Career Coaching, she identified her purpose, future career direction and what she needed to be personally and professionally fulfilled. Clarifying her strengths, transferable skills and desired reputation, Jenny created a conscious and deliberate personal brand to strongly position herself for the right roles.

Her Career Plan included updating her resume and LinkedIn profile, a targeted networking strategy and surrounding herself with mentors who could help her.


  • Within 12 months, Jenny had successfully secured a General Manager’s role with one of Australia’s largest listed companies. While the demands of the role were high, she thrived on the challenge and improved her team’s performance, quickly getting onto the radar of key decision makers as a fast track, high potential leader
  • Her success was rewarded when she was approached to head up an even bigger division of the company. Her clear personal brand created a positive reputation, helping her progress quickly within a successful company whose culture aligns with her skills, strengths and values.


Too specialised to move…?

Working for a company that employs thousands of people across 8 divisions and more than 30 businesses, you’d be forgiven for thinking its employees are spoilt for choice when it comes to career progression.

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But when a manager conducted performance reviews he noticed many of his team were professionally ‘stuck’. Whilst they were highly skilled, the specialised nature of their work and experience created a belief that they couldn’t progress beyond what they were currently doing.

None of them had a career plan or specific career goals and many believed that the company was responsible for progressing their careers.

Caroline designed and facilitated a 1 day, Professional Development Career Planning Workshop where participants learnt how to overcome common career planning traps.

The group set individual career goals, explored over 30 different options for professional development and learned from others who had built diverse and successful careers within their company.


  • Participants identified their professional purpose, interests, valuable strengths and discovered they did indeed have a wide range of transferable skills
  • They created individual Career Plans, mapped out career goals, developed professional pathways and took responsibility for their own career success

“Thank you so much for our Career Planning Workshop today. It gave me important new insights, motivation and valuable tools which I’m ready and now able to put into action!”

Nat, Manager, Insurance Industry



Career plateau launches successful career change

Andrew was a successful finance manager with an international software development company who had enjoyed a varied career working in different roles and countries. But after 15 years his career had stalled and he was at a loss to know what he could do instead.

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Through the P2R Career Kickstart Program, Andrew identified those areas of his work which no longer interested him and what gave him the most satisfaction.

Discovering his passion and skill for helping people gain new skills, develop and grow professionally, sparked a career change into corporate learning and development.

With a clear vision and actionable Career Plan, Andrew ‘rebranded’ himself and successfully launched a new career as a freelance learning and development consultant.


  • Within 12 months, Andrew completed targeted professional development, obtaining the certifications necessary to be a professional learning and development consultant and workplace trainer
  • Using his credibility and relationships within the IT and Financial Services industry, he now designs and delivers corporate training programs and loves the freedom of ‘driving his own bus’.


From government director to independent regulator CEO

When a departmental restructure resulted in his Branch being dispersed, Don ended up in a role that was effectively a demotion. Working long hours on a highly political project lead to stress and frustration and he could see no way out.

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I had previously coached Don as part of an executive leadership development program and could see that his policy knowledge, leadership and relationship building skills, deep intellect and strategic planning abilities were now under-utilised.

Through a targeted Career Coaching Program, Don identified his ideal role (one where he was autonomous, empowered and accountable), personal strengths and professional value proposition.

With a revamped resume and LinkedIn profile he developed a relationship building, networking and recruitment strategy and undertook intensive interview preparation.


  • Within 3 months, Don’s networking strategy paid off and he was approached to apply for a role, heading up a regulatory body for an industry he had worked in previously. Against a strong field of senior executives, Don was successful.
  • As a CEO who thrives on ‘getting things done’, he quickly rediscovered his mojo, rolled his sleeves up and today is thriving on reforming the organisation, leading his team and his ‘buck stops with me’ accountability.


Stay home mum to personal stylist and business owner

Linda’s professional life BC (before children) had been in retail, communications and marketing. But with 10 years out of the workforce raising her three beautiful children, she was unclear what she could or wanted to do when her youngest started school.

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Through the P2R Career and Lifestyle Change Program, Linda discovered her purpose, passions, strengths and skills. She explored different options, worked out what she wanted to do and created a plan to fill in the missing gaps in her experience.

Tapping into her strengths, skills and potential and building self-confidence was important as she gained a range of empowering beliefs and strategies to action her Career Plan.


Already running a small online business selling boutique children’s art and co-ordinating fund raising events for charities, Linda settled on a portfolio career that would be meaningful, varied, flexible and balanced.

  • Having decided she wanted to be a Personal Stylist, Linda completed a professional styling course and spent 15 months working alongside an established stylist to learn the ropes while she set up her own business
  • Building a strong following of happy clients, she’s now well on her way to establishing a successful portfolio business. Creating balance between work, family and life, she collects her children from school, travels and makes her career work for her.

Read more inspiring career change stories in The Great Life Redesign.



Corporate slaves escape rat race

Kate and Jack had cherished a dream of packing it all in and making a sea change with their 2 children to an island where they had a holiday home. But stressful, Melbourne based corporate careers had created a ball and chain where they believed they couldn’t afford to live on anything less than their multiple, six figure salaries.

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P2R Sea Change Coaching helped them clarify what was important to them and create a vision of how a simpler lifestyle would give them more time with their children, freedom to surf and get involved in the community and importantly how to make it work financially.

Working out their current and future expenses; identifying how to realise assets and use their transferable skills made it possible.

During the change, Jack’s large corporate employer made him redundant. This created the perfect opportunity for him to successfully secure a research consultancy role with a smaller company with flexible work options


  • Within 12 months, Kate and Jack had sold their suburban home, moved to the island, settled their children into school and become part of the local community
  • Letting 2 holiday homes and working at a local school with lower tax and benefits, Kate is now earning more per hour than she was as a corporate program manager
  • Best of all, they have the freedom and time to live a happier and healthier life as they build their own consultancy business.


Long-term Expats finally find somewhere to put down roots

Sandra and Tim had lived overseas for over 12 years, always intending to return to Australia to raise their young children.  Going on real estate websites several times a week, unsuccessfully searching for their dream property was fueling frustration, stress and indecision. Sick of talking about their sea change and felt like they were going round in circle, they felt like they didn’t really belong anywhere.

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The P2R Career and Lifestyle Change Program provided clarity about what mattered most to them and shifted their thinking to use their core values  to anchor their decision making.  They learnt how to identify genuine opportunities and find answers to the questions that were stopping them from acting.  A Plan B was developed to reduce the risk and worry and help them sleep well at night knowing they’d considered all the possible outcomes.


  • Sandra and Tim soon decided where they would move to and created a clear Action Plan to manage the many tasks and steps needed to make it happen.  Sandra returned to Australia to settle their children into school, while Tim successfully negotiated a redundancy and finished up his contract.
  • 5 months after completing their P2R Coaching Program, Tim found a new job and they had all settled into their new lives ‘back home’.
  • Both Sandra and Tim felt relieved and happy with their decision and are enjoying a new-found sense of peace, knowing they have made the best decision about where they need to be.

“We saw the benefits of coaching with Caroline straight away.  She knew the locations we were considering as our permanent home and she didn’t judge us.  Rather she was a facilitator in our discussion rather than someone who was going to push us one way or the other (which family members had done).  Her positive attitude gave us hope that we would come to the best decision and stick to it… and we did!

She empowered us by giving us the skills to work through these and future decisions and recognise the importance of what we role-model for our children.  Where once we went round in circles, today, if something’s not working we break it down and use the process we learnt through coaching to resolve it way more quickly.  Whereas previously I used to feel helpless,  now I can step back and figure it out.

Thank you for working with us (remotely via Skype) and sharing your wisdom, patience and positive attitude.  We feel everyone needs a coach like you in their lives!”

Sandra W, (former HongKong Expat, now a Resettled Aussie!)

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